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James "Bobo" Fay

James "Bobo" Fay has actively been delving into the bigfoot mystery since a young child after seeing The Patterson-Gimlin Film in kindergarten. He has been in the field since moving to the beautiful redwood coast in Humboldt County, CA over 30 years ago. Working in the timber industry and commercial fishing provided flexible seasonal employment and the oppurtunity to go squatchin and surfing for weeks at a time. Due to living in close proximity to Bluff Creek the Patterson-Gimlin Film Site has been one of his main research areas for many years. After over 2 decades of field investigations Bobo was chosen for and starred in the international hit television show Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet. This led to the chance of being able to go squatchin on 5 continents and 46 states, leading to a unique insight into the global phenomena of undiscovered bipedal primates. Bobo may very well be the only person who has knowingly heard a bigfoot, yeti, and yowie vocalize. He has also spoken to more than 15,000 self described bigfoot witnesses in person. Bobo is now involved in creating a new podcast with fellow Finding Bigfoot castmate Cliff Barackman covering all things cryptid while still focusing on bigfoot. He also operates Bobo's Bigfoot Tours and is the only licensed, permitted, and insured guide in the 1.1 million acre 6 Rivers National Forest, home of Bluff Creek and The Patterson-Gimlin Film Site.