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Jim Myers

Jim Myers is one of three Directors for the Mile High Mystery Conference. He is co-owner (with his wife Daphne) of the Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey, CO. The Outpost is both a store dedicated to all things Sasquatch, but it also houses the Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum - a popular tourist destination with over 15,000 visitors in the past 3 years. Jim received his undergraduate degree in Graphic Design from Auburn University. Jim has been an avid Bigfoot researcher for the past eight years, and he leads a research group out of the Sasquatch Outpost. Having lived 28 years internationally, Jim brings a great deal of that experience into his ongoing Sasquatch investigations and expeditions. In addition to the store and his research, Jim is an avid fly-fisherman, hunter, and he leads a team of old-west reenactors called the Park County Regulators.

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