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Rich Germeau

RIch Germeau has over fourteen years of law enforcement, local, federal and Tribal experience. Rich was assigned roles in everything from patrol and Detective Division to SWAT and Marine Enforcement.

Rich's first experience with Sasquatch was in July 2000 in LaPush Washington while on Duty as a LaPush Tribal Police Officer.

In 2008, Rich co-founded the Olympic Project with Derek Randles. Initially his goal in the Olympic Project was to create a successful strategy in the attempt to identify suspected travel routes of Sasquatch throughout the Olympic Peninsula. This was done by utilizing historical sighting data and terrain features. Starting in 2009 Rich also worked with the Sasquatch Genome Project and submitted biological samples to the study.

Rich is a life long resident of Washington States Olympic Peninsula, In addition to Law Enforcement Rich served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Up until his sighting in 2000 Rich was a non-believer in the Sasquatch phenomenon.