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Thom Powell

Those who regularly attend bigfoot/sasquatch conferences will tell you that Thom Powell is among the most engaging speakers on the circuit. As a career science teacher he is an enormously experienced public speaker who not only entertains his audience with humor and high energy, but he can also he capably articulate the relevance and the limitations of the scientific method as it pertains to resolution of the sasquatch mystery.

Thom's first book, The Locals (2003), revolutionized bigfoot research, introducing many new and once radical ideas like continent-wide sasquatch presence, habituation, infrasound, communication, and more. His second book, Shady Neighbors (2011), is a novel about a rural family that unwittingly habituates a sasquatch clan. His third book, Edges of Science (2015), returns to the anthology format of The Locals and suggests similarities and connections between the sasquatch phenomenon and other paranormal subjects. At the 2017 Salt Fork Conference, Thom will entertain and amuse you while he explains some of the radical concepts he published in Edges of Science, the main one being that real understanding of the sasquatch phenomenon occurs only by understanding its connection and its similarity to other seemingly-unrelated paranormal phenomena.