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Scott Nelson

R. Scott Nelson is a retired U.S. Navy Crypto-Linguist with over 30 years experience in Foreign Language and Linguistics, including the Collection, Transcription, Analysis and Reporting of voice communications.

He is a two time graduate of the U.S. Navy Crypto-logic Voice Transcription School (Russian and Spanish) and has logged thousands of hours of voice transcription in his target languages as well as in Persian. He is currently teaching Russian, Spanish, Persian, Philosophy and Comparative Religions at Wentworth College in Missouri.

His pertinent Curriculum Vitae follows:

In 2010, published the Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet and Transcription Standard (S.P.A.). In 2013, published Revision I of the S.P.A. which includes the Sasquatch Language Recording Syllogism (a philosophical proof for the existence of Sasquatch).

Has conducted six expeditions in the company of Ron Morehead to the original Sierra Camp where the Berry/Morehead Tapes (Sierra Tapes) were recorded.

Nineteen years on the Faculty of Philosophy and Languages at Wentworth College, Lexington, Missouri; teaching Russian, Persian and Spanish as well as several Philosophy and Religion courses.

Retired U.S. Navy Crypto-logic Technician Interpreter (Crypto-Linguist), worked for Naval Intelligence at the following duty stations: Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA), Rota, Spain; Naval Security Group Detachment Galeta Island, Panama; NSGA Homestead, Florida; NSGA Edzell, Scotland and aboard the following afloat units:

USS Coronado, USS Belknap, USS Deyo, USS Bigelow, USS Sphynx; serving in the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

Two time graduate of the Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center, Monterey, California (Russian and Spanish).

Two time graduate of the U.S. Navy Crypto-logic Voice Transcription School at Naval Security Group Detachment (NSGD), San Angelo, Texas (Russian and Spanish).

Graduate of U.S. Navy Communications Intelligence Analysis and Reporting School at NSGD, San Angelo, Texas.

Acquired the Persian Language while assigned to afloat platforms in the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf. These platforms had Persian as their primary target language.

Logged thousands of hours of collection and transcription of voice communications as a Crypto-logic Interpreter for the U.S. Navy.