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Dennis Pfohl

Dennis Pfohl was born in Northern California and spent his childhood camping and fishing with his family. In 1987 he moved to Colorado and met and married his wife Shannon. Together they raised their three children in much the same way, weekends spent camping and fishing and instilling in them a love for nature.

In 2001, Dennis and his family were four-wheeling in their Jeep up to an alpine lake in the high mountains of Colorado when they discovered a fresh “human like” track about fifteen inches long and six inches wide, a footprint with clear toe impressions.

This discovery began Dennis' adventure in sasquatch research that included becoming the lead Colorado investigator with the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, Organizer for countless Colorado expeditions providing instruction to interested newcomers and attendees in sasquatch research, Founder of the Colorado Bigfoot Research Group, and Project Manager for the Erickson Project, a five year long habituation research project in the state of Kentucky.

The Erickson Project began in 2005 when a report came in to the BFRO citing an ongoing interaction with a sasquatch family group. Dennis was asked to become the Project Manager for the research project and he began spending a considerable amount of time in Kentucky collecting evidence and managing the project. With collaboration between Adrian Erickson and himself, Dennis brought in and worked with many professionals in the field including Dr. Leila Hadj-chikh, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Dr. Kurt Nelson, and Dr. John Bindernagel as well as a few other notable professionals in order to document the activity experienced there. The five year long project resulted in video evidence, audio evidence, and DNA samples in the form of saliva, hair and eventually blood samples that were contributed to the Sasquatch Genome Project and Dr. Melba Ketchum.

Dennis Pfohl, as an avid outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman, brings a lifetime of experience with nature and wildlife, a strong determination to know the truth that has racked up many thousands of hours in the field, and a dedication to contributing data and observations to the scientific community to further our knowledge of sasquatch.