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Scott Carpenter

Scott Carpenter has been researching the Bigfoot phenomenon and other cryptids since 2009. Scott is the author of four books and three active blogs on the subject including: “The Bigfoot Field Journal Volumes I & II”, “The Dogman, Monsters Are Real”, and his latest release “The Nephilim Among Us”

A member of North American Bigfoot Search, Scott participated in the ground-breaking Sasquatch Genome Study, contributing multiple hair and salvia samples, eleven of which were used in the study.

Scott’s research has also been featured on the television show “Finding Bigfoot”. More recently, Scott’s work was featured on award winning series by Les Stroud, “Survivor Man: Bigfoot.”

Scott holds a BS in Computer Science and is the operations manager for a software development firm. He currently resides in East Tennessee, is married, has six children and two grandchildren.

"Many major scientific breakthroughs are made by amateurs or by those who are only marginally involved in the field in question." - Grover S. Krantz, Ph.D.