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Sybilla Irwin

Professional artist and field researcher, Sybilla Irwin combines her passions to recreate what witnesses across the country are seeing, with a commitment to realism, accuracy and authenticity. Sybilla has a BA degree from Texas A&M University and a teaching certificate from the University of Texas. She works one-on-one with witnesses to bring to life the images that have been burned into the minds of the people she has worked with, along with a commitment to act as an advocate for the individuals that have had the fabric of their reality challenged by their experience. To this end she has co-written and illustrated two children’s books, with Ronie Powell, to help them cope with their experience.

“The Adventures of Big Doot and Little Zoot: Goin’ Fishing” and “The Adventures of Big Doot and Little Zoot: School Days”.

When Sybilla isn’t traveling to work with witnesses, she is conducting full time field research and living on an active habituation site with a 40 plus year history of interaction with humans. Sybilla’s goal is to build a record, documenting and cataloging the individual stories and faces of the beings that are being seen in Northern America, including other cryptozoological creatures as well. You can support Sybilla’s travels and research by subscribing to her blog, “Sketching Encounters”. There she shares with her readers, the witness sketches as they are being created, as well as all the supporting data that accompanies the witness report. This includes video, photographs, and audio.