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Allyn Atadero

Allyn was born on April 1, 1958 in Brawley, California along with his a twin brother Arlyn who resides in Fort Collins, Colorado. Allyn presently teaches Physical Education at Falcon Bluffs Middle School in Littleton, Colorado.

Allyn graduated from California State University, Fullerton and has a Master’s degree in Educational Technology. He has been teaching for 29 years and was named the 2015 Colorado Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the year.

Allyn served on the board of Colorado’s Missing Children's Task Force and was the Vice President of Public Relations for Whistle Away Crime. He speaks yearly for the Arapahoe Rescue Patrol induction ceremony and he was instrumental in passing the Amber Alert law and the Recreational Safety Awareness Proclamation in the state of Colorado.

On October 2, 1999, Allyn’s son, Jaryd, 3 years and 9 months old at the time, vanished in the Colorado Mountains and was never seen again. From this horrific experience, Allyn developed a passion for helping families with missing children and families who have experienced the dreadful pain of losing a child. He survived this ordeal due to his deep faith and God’s amazing grace and love.

Jaryd’s story received international exposure and condolences continue to be received from around the world. Jaryd’s clothing was found on the mountain almost four years after he vanished and his disappearance remains a mystery.

Allyn contacted David Paulides after discovering Jaryd’s story was part of the first Missing 411 book. Allyn and David have developed a close relationship and often share information and ideas concerning the disappearance and mystery surrounding Jaryd. Allyn supports the Missing 411 family and he is grateful David’s research has created an interest to the plight of people who have gone missing in the wilderness.

Allyn honors his son by speaking to different groups concerning Jaryd’s story. He has campaigned for new state legislation and continues to recognize the Arapahoe Rescue Patrol in the state of Colorado.

Allyn’s book, Missing,The Jaryd Atadero Story was released in 2008. The second edition, Missing, When The Son Sets was released in 2015. His wife, Debbie, and daughter, Josallyn, continue to promote Jaryd’s legacy on a daily basis.

Allyn has touched many communities in the state of Colorado and inspires his peers and students with his courage and strength.